Hope & Faith Michael

Denham Town Golden Age Home Work Experience

On March 9, 2022, at 8am, Faith and I, Hope Michael started our internship at the Denham Town Golden Aged Home in Kingston.

On our first day we were introduced to the staff and residents at the facility and given an overview of the various tasks that we were allowed to do as interns.

During our first few days, we tailed the nurse in charge as she showed us how to check the vitals of the elderly. This also gave us an opportunity to view the structure of the facility. The main reception building, at the center of the compound, was where the able-bodied residents gathered for devotion every morning at 8am till breakfast was ready.

Scattered around the compound are building with rooms called cottages which housed the

Denham Town Old Age Home Gallery

A typical day at the facility for us consisted of devotion with the residents, distribution of breakfast, dish washing, checking of vitals, distribution of medications, laundry + break,
distribution of lunch and another check of vitals. This all happened between 8am and 4pm.

Faith and I could not arrive any earlier or leave any later due to the volatility of the area.

All in all, our experience, down to the last day, May 18, 2022, was very enjoyable. We formed inseparable bonds with the older adults and staffs which made the last day even sadder. We, however, have continued to harness the skills we learnt there in our homes and workplaces.