OAD Fall Timetable- Year 1

OAD Fall Timetable - Year 2

1. The Ministry of Education and Youth (MOEY) revised K-13 Sixth Form Integration Pathways Programme

As one of only four University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) institutionally accredited universities in Jamaica, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has partnered with the Ministry of Education and Youth (MOEY) in delivering the new ground- breaking revised K-13 Sixth Form Integration grant- funded scholarship Initiative that began at the start of the October 2020 school year superseding the ECAP/CAP programmes with the previous Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.

This partnership Initiative allows all high school graduates (grade 11) to automatically transition to grades 12-13 along three (3) Pathways in order to earn a CXC Associate Degree, an Occupational Associate Degree (OAD), or an indigenous/traditional Associate Degree (TAD) offered by another participating tertiary institution like the UCC or the UCC Academy. 

The MOEY provides a tuition scholarship for the two (2) years (grades 12-13) to all bona -fide students in the Programme. This access to higher education and vocational skill development creates opportunities for high quality jobs and inclusive gainful employment.

In excess of 30 faculty members currently service courses in Pathways1 (OAD degrees) and Pathway 2 (NVQ-J certification and City & Guilds certification) of the K-13 Programme that provide job-relevant technology competencies, and business, as well as interpersonal soft skills, that are indispensable to the prospects of hiring in the emerging new global technological and skills – driven economy.

2. Externships and Internships

The Academy’s Externship/Workplace Attachment Programme provides students with industrial and business placement commensurate with their chosen careers. The placement is 240 hours in duration and is intended to give students on-the-job experience appropriate to their occupational area(s) of study. During this period, students receive at least one visit from the facilitating tutor and/or the Programme Coordinator/Advisor. Students are assigned a workplace mentor who facilitates work experience and integration into the organization.

Internships can be completed at any time during the respective programme. However, it must be completed by April 30 in the final year of the programme.
Past Externship and Internship partners included Guardian Life, HEART/NSTA, public hospitals, hospices, call centres and shipping agencies.

Available internships are posted on our website, but students are encouraged to seek internships independently as these opportunities are usually limited.

3. Student financing

  1. K-13 government tuition grant for two (2) years 
  2. Payment plan
  3. Scholarships – https://mof.gov.jm/scholarships/
  4. Work and Study programme

4. Government Sponsored Certifications

  1. City and Guilds – Level 3 English and Mathematics, Level 2 Customer Service https://www.cityandguilds.com/

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