Logistics & Supply Chain Management

UCCA Logistics and Supply Chain Management OAD Programme


The Occupational Associate Degree Programme in Logitics and Supply Chain Management is designed to expose participants to the technical, operational processes and managerial competencies required to manage logistics and related activities in areas such as, inventory control, transport and distribution, fleet control, warehousing, terminal (land, air & sea). 

Upon completion of this programme graduates should be able to:

  • Effectively communicate in the occupational environment
  • Efficiently conduct international business operations
  • Maintain related international health and safety and environmental regulations and standards
  • Monitor commercial shipping operations
  • Design logistics operational plan
  • Supervise and maintain inventory control systems and operations
  • Coordinate distribution and transportation
  • Appropriately communicate in another language
  • Handling managing and securing resources
  • Managing information systems

Employment/Career Opportunities 

The competencies and professional skills to be developed by this programme are the basis for an expanding variety of rewarding careers locally and internationally. Upon completion, graduates may be eligible for employment at a supervisory level in areas such as:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Integrated Programs Director
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Inventory Manager
  • Supply Chain Planning Manager


Click tabs below to view programme information including the application process, duration, fees and study hours.

As well  you can download programme document detailing programme curiculum to include information related to semester, course outline and assessment.

Programme Application

Registration for the UCCA Occupational Associate Degree Programme is now open and will close September 2023.

To register prospective students must complete and submit application along with the following documents

  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Birth Certififcate
  • One Passport Size Photo
  • Proof of Qualifications (3 CSEC subjects, NVQJ Level 2 or City & Guilds Certification)

After applications are submitted you will receive a provisional acceptance letter with instructions  on how to enrol.

Programme Duration

The duration of study is projected for two (2)  years across four administrative semesters and a summer internship/externship component.

Programme Fees

Programme fees are One Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars ($110,000.00) JMD per year which includes miscellaneous fees.

  • Fees are payable before completion of semester
  • Additional fees apply to international students
  • Scholarships available for students sitting CXC ‘s in 2023
Programme Study Hours

Students are required to attend classes  held daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Please note classes are online and face-to-face depending on module.

All students are expected to complete a work internship, externship programme and this is a necessary component for graduation.