Tori-Ann Bartley

The Constant Spring Police Station Work Experience

My name is Tori-Anne Bartley. I am completing my internship at the Constant Spring Police Station, Kingston,  in the parish of Saint Adrew.

I can say this experience has been challenging, exciting, and informative. During my internship, I am responsible for filing records at the statement area as well as responding to and directing numerous queries.

I have learned many things about the world of work while gaining insights regarding how our country is governed. I also learned how important it is to have higher authorities to serve and protect the citizens of our beautiful island, Jamaica.

Image credit : CVM TV

This experience will help me throughout my course of study in the BPO industry because it helps you understand how to deal with customers, and it also taught me to have empathy and respect for other people.

Overall, I am very happy with my place of choice for this experience, and I am also treated very well by the employees within the organization, which shows me how appreciated I am for my service.